Is it easy to drive in Naxos archaeological sites?

Naxos travellers looking for a cheap and reliable car rental in Naxos, often ask us if it is easy to drive in Naxos Island and which archaeological sites to visit. The road infrastructure in Naxos is, in general, well maintained. The roads are not crowded, and you can easily explore the various archaeological attractions in every part of the island. Among them, the Temple of Dionysus, the Temple of Demeter and the Kouros of Apollo stand out.

Dionysus temple in Naxos, Greece

Visiting the temple of Dionysus, the ancient Greek god of joy and wine, is a journey into the world of antiquity. Drive to the area of Yria, to discover the glorious islandic marble art. If you happen to be there during the August full moon, don’t miss that powerful experience! The monument is open to the public.

Demeter temple in Naxos, Greece

The temple of Demeter was built around 530 BC. exclusively from Naxos marble. It is dedicated to Demeter, the ancient goddess of fertility and the earth. Its archaeological value and ancient Greek aesthetics leave a unique impression on the visitor.

Kouros of Apollo

To see the "Kuros of Apollo" you need to drive an hour from the port of Naxos. This gigantic statue, carved into the rock with exquisite detail and harmony, is a monument of world scope! It's worth every kilometer you must drive to visit it!

Bathed in the light of the Aegean sun, these archaeological monuments combine the magic of the past with the amazing natural beauty of the island. Visiting these monuments is a unique opportunity to explore the cultural heritage of Naxos and immerse yourself in the magic of Greek antiquity.

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