One day guide on the most beautiful villages of Naxos

It is easy to drive in Naxos and get around the most beautiful villages of this island just in one day. Pick up the car rental you hired from Drivetime and get ready! You can easily tour the heart of the Aegean Island and discover three hidden treasures: the villages of Halki, Filoti, and Apeiranthos. Each with its special charm, they offer an unrepeatable experience to the visitor.

Apeiranthos Naxos

Apeiranthos is a must-see village of mountainous Naxos, famous for the endless view of the Aegean, the enchanting sunset and the colorful courtyards that fill the air with floral aromas. The picturesque village, the unique architecture and the welcoming locals will make your experience unforgettable!

Halki Naxos

Halki is a beautiful village in the mountains of the island, surrounded by olive groves. Note down to photograph the terracotta-colored neoclassical houses and the beautiful, cobbled courtyards and eat the famous Greek dessert, galaktobureko.

Filoti Naxos

Next to Halki, stands Filoti, hidden in the heart of green Naxos. The cobblestone streets and stone mansions of the village create an enchanting setting for your Greek holidays.

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