Young drivers in Naxos: Under 25 car rental in Naxos Greece

Are you a young driver above 23 years old and want to come to Naxos for dream summer vacation? At Drivetime we make sure you will have a car rental experience as simple and easy as possible. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about hiring a car under 25 years old.

1. How old do you have to be to rent a car in Naxos?

There is an age limit for car rentals in Greece which varies from place to place. The minimum age to rent a car in Naxos is 23 years. If you are under 23 years old, you cannot rent a car even if you have had a driver's license for several years or drive a car in your country. In fact, for some car categories, you should be at least 25 years old.

2. How much is young driver fee in Naxos, Greece?

At Drivetime car rental company, we don’t charge extra fees! Even if you are a new driver, there is no additional young driver’s fee for you!

3. What paperwork is needed to rent a car as a young driver in Naxos, Greece?

If you are a young driver you need to have a driver's license issued at least one year ago. Also, when signing the car rental contract, it is necessary to show a valid ID or passport in the name of the driver. Finally, young drivers are required to provide details from a payment card (credit or debit) in their name. Drivetime will not reserve money as a deposit, as it offers the car rental service without a guarantee.

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