Things to do in Naxos island: Visit the archaeological museum

One of the things you must do in Naxos is to visit the Archaeological Museum. After hiring a car from the port of Naxos or the Chora, don't rush to set sail for the beaches! The Archaeological Museum will offer you the chance to do a fascinating journey through the history of the island and will make you see the place from a different angle.

Naxos was one of the largest centers of the Cycladic Culture in the Aegean Sea. It is remarkable that it has been inhabited for 3.000 years, as evidenced by excavations. Take some time to explore this small museum, discover the secrets of the ancient Greek culture and see with your own eyes the cultural treasure of Naxos, which exceeds all expectations.

The Archaeological Museum is in the heart of the old town, called Chora, between narrow cobblestone streets and traditional buildings. It houses an amazing collective treasure of works of art and objects of daily use, mainly from the Proto-Cycladic period. Ancient ceramics, marble statues, golden items, and more, reflect the evolution of Naxos culture.

We always recommend to our customers who hire a car in Naxos to start from a visit at the archaeological museum and then drive to the other archaeological attractions of the island.

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